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Why Having a Good Relationship with Your Property Manager is Important

Why Having a Good Relationship with Your Property Manager is Important

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There are quite a few benefits to having a great relationship with your property manager, and they can last even after you quit renting from them. As the property managers here at Maple Knoll, our staff at Marquette Management wants to be there for you as much as we can, building a relationship with our residents from the ground up. 

It’s not easy finding an apartment in a tight rental market, and once you find one, making sure it’s the best possible situation gives you peace of mind to focus on your life instead of where you live. 

Here’s why being on good terms with your property manager is important at the beginning, during, and after renting.

Starting on the Right Foot

It’s tough to find a rental, and references today are more important than ever. With that in mind, there is no better reference than a previous property manager who thought you were the bee’s knees. When your potential manager sees that your previous property manager was ecstatic about you, it will give you an upper hand with competing residents. History repeats itself, and property managers know this. 

Building Trust Takes Time and Consistency

If you see your property manager often, say hello! Smile and ask them how their day went. Don’t immediately start complaining when you see them. They are people too, and a little kindness in the moment goes a long way to them remembering you in good light and helping you when you need it. 

When property managers have great experiences with a resident, they remember that when the resident needs something. They will be more likely and happy to address small maintenance issues with someone they enjoy helping! 

Punctuality Is Key

Staying on time with payments portrays you as reliable. So when an emergency comes up, and you need to be late on rent or other payments, the property manager will see that you normally pay on time or early every month. They will be much more likely to be understanding if you aren’t always crying wolf.

The Neighbors Have the Same Property Manager

Respecting the neighbors is another indirect way to maintain a good relationship with the property manager. If they see you being kind to and taking care of the property and its other residents, they will in turn respect you.

When You Leave, Leave in Grace

With a good relationship built between you and your property manager, you can feel more comfortable approaching them with issues. If for some reason you have to break a lease, you break something, or you fall into a sticky financial situation, you want to be able to trust that your property manager is there to help.

When you do leave, make sure you talk to your property manager about being that reference you need for your next home. Get their contact information, be kind and open with them, and ask them politely if you can use them as a reference. 

Keep in mind that a relationship goes both ways, so if the property manager treats you poorly, be sure to handle this early before you get yourself deeper into the relationship.

We love our residents, and we hope to build a great relationship with all of you here at Maple Knoll!


Do you have any experiences with property managers that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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