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5 Awesome Halloween Recipes to Try this Holiday

5 Awesome Halloween Recipes to Try this Holiday

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Appetizers are an essential part of any party or gathering. These small dishes stimulate our taste buds and fill our bellies while we wait for the main course. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, are throwing one yourself, or are looking to treat your friends to delicious snacks, be sure to try these recipes!

These Halloween-themed appetizers will surely pique the interest of those you share them with. Keep the party fun and stress-free by ditching the laborious recipes and instead try one of these spooky-fun recipes that require only 5 ingredients or LESS!


1. Hot Dog Spiders

Who doesn’t love roasting a spider dog over the campfire? Now you can take your favorite summertime snack and enjoy it during Halloween!

This 4-ingredient Halloween treat comes together effortlessly. With a package of hot dogs, crescent roll dough, and black sesame seeds, you’ll have these ready to eat in no time. Share them with the family, or bring them to a party, your choice! Just be sure to bring ketchup for dipping!


2. 4-Ingredient Mummy Dogs

This recipe uses essentially the same ingredients as the spider dogs but instead transforms the hot dogs into creepy Halloween mummies. Once again you’ll need a package of hot dogs and crescent roll dough but instead of black sesame seeds, you’ll use sliced green olives for the eyes!

Our recipe yields 6 servings but can easily be doubled if you need to cater to more guests. This fun and delicious snack will come together in just 15 minutes or less!


3. Ghost Popcorn Balls

This spooktacular snack is the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors. Marshmallowy popcorn balls are dipped in melted white chocolate and are decorated with candy eyes to look like little ghosts.

This delicious snack requires 5 store-bought ingredients and comes together quickly! Your little ghosts and goblins will surely eat this appetizer up quickly!


4. Halloween Caprese Eyeballs

Caprese salad is a classic and because it contains just 3 ingredients it is incredibly quick and easy to throw together. This Halloween put a fun festive spin on a simple salad and turn it into an enticing appetizer.

Small tomatoes are filled with whipped cream cheese and are topped with sliced black olives. Be sure to serve the eyes on a basil leaf so you can enjoy the authentic and delicious flavors of Caprese salad.


5. Scream Cheese Appetizer

Cheese platters are always a great idea whether it be an appetizer for a party or to nibble on while you watch a movie. Go all out this Halloween and instead of slicing up pieces of cheese, make these fun little scream cheese’s!

It’s important to note that you will need a silicone mold to create the scream cheese shapes! Aside from the mold, you’ll only need 3 ingredients. Once prepared serve the scream cheese with your choice of crackers, veggies, and fruit!

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